CSCP Certified Members

Today is Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Last Updated Thursday, April 30, 2015 by the chapter

We would like to congratulate the following CSCP members of the Puget Sound APICS. Certification data is supplied to the chapter by APICS on a monthly basis but based on the timing of the data upload, communications with the testing service and other factors, results may not be available on a timely basis.

If you have questions about your certification status, call APICS @ 800-444-2742.

This list does not include:

Name Company
Hady Antony CPIM CSCP  
Larry Abramson CSCP CLOROX Company
Yamini Ammossow CPIM CSCP Microsoft
Jane Austin CPIM CIRM CSCP Tect Aerospace
Henry L Barr CFPIM CSCP Hank Barr
Joyce Budisana CSCP Univar USA
Tamera Burkley CSCP Continental Mills Incorporated
Alice Chung CSCP The Boeing Company
Paul Davis CSCP Philips Healthcare
William Dodge CPIM CSCP  
Dustin Doyle CPIM CSCP The Boeing Company
Jackie Elhard CPIM CSCP Carlisle IT
Michael Forness CSCP  
Fangyu Han CSCP Nopco
Chris Hofer CSCP Microsoft Inc
Pradipa Karbhari CSCP Microsoft Inc
James Kenan Jr CPIM CSCP The Boeing Company
Elizabeth Kinch CSCP Triumph Insulation Systems
Baran Kocal CSCP The Boeing Company
Anantasrinivas LAKSHMANAN CSCP Infosys
William Latham CFPIM CIRM CSCP Leading Principles for Dynamic Management
Virginia Lee CSCP Seattle Aero
Gordon Litzenberger CPIM CSCP The Boeing Company
Perry MacDonald CSCP Starbucks Coffee Company
Kristie McNeil CSCP The Boeing Company
Michael Miller CSCP Philips Healthcare
Chad Mollin CSCP PwC
Dennis Obermeier CPIM CIRM SCP The Boeing Company
Shawn Oberst CSCP Microsoft Inc
Xinyan Pan CPIM CSCP T-Mobile
Tiffany Poitras CSCP The Boeing Company
Ana Pedraza CSCP Intel Corporation
Donna Robinson CSCP  
Scott Robinson CSCP New Breed Logistics
David Roers CSCP Microsoft Inc
Rachel Rousselo CSCP Kenco Logistic Services, LLC
Martin Samuels CPIM CSCP Philips Healthcare
Katsumi Tanaka CPIM CSCP Sealed Air Corporation (US)
Patricia Varney CSCP  
Andrew Waters CSCP Accenture
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